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2022 Lacrosse Season is Now Live!

by LaxNumbers

We hope everyone had a safe and healthy off-season. The Laxnumbers' team, like the rest of you lacrosse junkies, are itching to get the season going. The Laxnumbers team has decided to provide an early Christmas present to the lacrosse community. Laxnumbers' 2022 lacrosse season is now live!

As always, we need all the help we can get inputting schedules and game results this season. Existing team officials/coaches with an inactive account can simply login using last season's credentials to get started. Upon logging in for the first time, team officials will be prompted to select their team for the 2022 season so no worries if an individual is associated with a new team this season. New team officials/coaches can create a Laxnumbers' team official account here

We greatly appreciate the lacrosse community's support! Please reach out to with 2022 season updates, questions or feedback.